Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Moments in the "fleshy tables of the heart"

Family and Friends,

Family. I love you! It was great time to chat yesterday. I guess we`ll wait until mother`s day to talk again. Number 1on the list of most tender feelings is a missionary`s heart as he talks to his family.

We had a good week getting ready for christmas! The mission is doing so well. Like I said last week, we can really just feel the spirit of consecration and hard work. I am proud to be a missionary in this great mission BAO (Buenos Aires Oeste). More importantly, I am proud to be a member of the church! I am proud to know that God is my loving heavenly father. Like Elder Hallstrom said in the April 2016 conference, that knowing that we are children of a LOVING Heavenly Father ¨instinctively simple that it can seem to be ordinary, when in reality it is among the most extraordinary knowledge we can obtain.¨ I love that quote. Sharing that information is sometimes new for people. It`s one of the most incredible things that a missionary can see when the Gospel REALLY comes into the heart of a person. They immediately want to share it with others. For example:

Some of our investigators Sonia, Aimara, Alejandro are a small but very nice family. Sonia is the mom. She often feels depressed because Ale has health problems and might have cancer. We were thinking about dropping them because they weren`t doing much at all. But Aimara finally came to church with Ale! The next time we came to visit, Aimara was completely different. She wants to get baptized, and apparently wants to serve a mission! What?? Her heart has been changed. Like PMG says, ¨Commitments are essential steps to repentance.¨ 

Another small moment was yesterday after the phone call home. I was with Elder Jimenez from Mexico. He stopped at a couple on their porch. They were sewing something, most likely to sell later. They wouldn´t look at us. I was about to give them a card and go. Well, new Elder Jimenez wouldn´t take no. He pulled out his hymn book and asked if we could sing a hymn. They didn´t say neither no nor yes. But we (me feeling awkward) sang ¨Venid, Adoremos¨ (Oh come all ye faithful). I don´t know if they felt anything, but from the Gospel fire of Elder Jimenez, I felt the Spirit. That was a marked moment in my heart. And the christmas spirit isn´t something you feel much, because of summer and stuff. I know that he wasn´t a ¨respecter of persons¨ and was gonna preach to whoever. I need to follow that example. The mission is great!

Gotta go! Have fantastic week people!


Elder Wilcox

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