Wednesday, June 7, 2017


My beloved brethren and sisters,

We worked our tails off this week! Turns out Elder Ortolano is leaving La Tablada! NO, he was such a good comp. He could speak perfect spanish, portuguƩs and english with flippin everyone. I am recieving Elder Dye from Idaho! He will be great, this is his first time being a zone leader!

I am still getting used to navigating the villas.  I still need some time to be an expert villero villa goer guy. The trick?? DON¨T LOOK LOST. If the people see that you look lost, they will ask you if you are lost, and then promptly ask for your watch and your cellphone and your backpack and try to take it from you and then you are toast man.

 Also, hahahah this week we were talking to a family outside. One of them was a member, but he was drunk dang it. Something we might call a ¨wet investigator¨ (someone who was baptized long ago but has forgotten their covenants and vaguely says ¨yeah I think I was baptized in the mormon church...¨ there are too many of those, it´s sad) Well anyway one lady asked to take a picture with us. We accepted, it wasn´t the first time that has happened to us. Next thing I know, she has her creepy arms wrapped around me, making a kissy face to the camera and being weird. Then she did the same thing to E´ Ortolano! Needless to say, ¨he got him out.¨ (Genesis 39:12) Just sooo uncomfortable! #snakes. It´s crazy how being ¨rubio¨ here makes you so different. I either get racism or oddly exaggerated acceptance, like the story I just told! Being a missionary is the best. 

Ok story of a MIRACLE. We have a recent convert in the ward. Azucena. Just the sweetest, nicest lady ever who loves the missionaries. Reminds me of my gma Dets. She owns a tiny little clothing store....
.....we also found a really nice lady named Gisela. She was great! Has two adorable daughters. We had to go by a few times until she let us in. But we eventually got in and taught her and she understood VERY well! She is golden! She reads the book of mormon, and is doing great. SHE CAME TO CHURCH. She CALLED us and asked to call her to wake her up for church. She only showed up for sacrament, but after said that she wants to go again all three hours. She met Azucena and said hey! i know you! she had bought clothes from Azucena a few weeks earlier. Anyway. After church Gisela called again and THANKED us for church. She loved it. NOBODY does that! Ever. Wow.......
......well after church Azucena told us about before Gisela came to buy, her little store was not doing well. She needed money pero mal. So she said a prayer, as faithful people do, and Gisela came in and bought like 1500 pesos worth of clothes (a considerable purchase). She was so happy she thanked Gisela and then after said a prayer, asking God to bless Gisela. Which was right around the time that we found her. What a miracle. God knows exactly what he is doing. 

Well. That is it for my time. Today. In Alma 7:26, he tells the people of Gedeon ¨and my soul doth exceedingly rejoice, becuase of the exceeding diligence and heed which ye hath given unto my word.¨ Would God say the same thing of us? 

chao from Elder Wilcox and Russell!

this is my new best friend, Russell. the rain came again this week, and Russell helped me through it all.
this is AsunciĆ³n, a convert of an old friend, Elder Healey. He is getting married now wow....

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