Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Hola Hola, 

What a week, what a week😨 there is lots to do, lots to teach. Like Elder Holland says, ¨This is eternal life. This is the salvation of the children of God. Eternity hangs in the balance.¨ I hope to always stay focused on my purpose as a full time servant of the Lord! I know that the more ¨digno¨ I live now, the more of the Spirit I might have with my tomorrow. And the Spirit is EVERYTHING as a missionary. I appreciate letters from the past from Uncle Matt and Aunt Misti, they always tell me, ¨We are praying that you will have the Spirit with you as you teach.¨ Other things, such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Cholula brand hot sauce will come later. But right now they don´t matter. 

We have a massive pool of great investigators! The thing is we are finding so many, sometimes it is hard to keep up on every one of them. On divisions with the asistentes, I really learned that I need to trust more in God´s promise that he will put prepared people in our path, and also give us the words to say. Here are some incredible people we are teaching:

Gisela: She is the one found by way of a miracle. (see ¨Russell¨, Oct 24). She has had some really good experiences as well. She says the perfect things like ¨I feel more happy as I read this book...¨, or ¨I REALLY want to get baptized!¨ We don´t hear that as much as we would like from people. She has a baptism date for the 10 of dic. Pray for her!

Amelia:  Also found in a random way. She helped guide us through a muddy road while it was raining one day. Then we thanked her and asked if we could come by one day. She is one of those gma´s that is very nice to missionaries. She knows that God put us in her path for something (says that a lot) but still has trouble coming to church. She lives in a rough neighborhood and could get mugged leaving the house sunday morning. 

Others such as Luciano, Uriel, Karina, Marta, Nicole, Azul, Alma, Ernesto, and Maximiliano also have miraculous stories of how they were found. 

Lucas, Milagros, and Amy (all siblings, and Amy cousin) are doing great. They have all been baptized recently. Lucas and Milagros go to seminary every day, today we are playing ping pong with them at church, and Amy (11 years) is super happy all the time and loves being a member. I know their family is being strengthened. 😁

Last week we did THREE divisions. That is a lot. Divisions are great because they usually reap many miracles and you get to learn from other Elders. I was on one in my area with Elder Porter from AZ. We ran into this guy that totally started speaking fluent english with us. That is WEIRD when people do that. Almost never happens. He took us to his little factory, and introduced us to his yankee wife from michigan! It was so cool to speak english with someone! They actually live in the BA north mission, but we will teach them at work and see if the Spirit will prick their hearts! Ha we were describing to them about our lives as missionaries, and the BOM and stuff, and we were having a ROUGH time thinking of some words in english. Funny.

Better get, today I am cooking myself some pday meat, and playing ping pong! 

Oh happy thanksgiving and happy birthday Pte Wilcox! I love you and hope you had a great bday. Eat a lot and try not to think about your old age ;)

Que sigan bien,
Elder Wilcox🍂🦃

Photo of ¨concilio¨
photo of the baptism of Amy! Baptized by her brother Elías

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