Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Queridos Amigos,

You know you are on a mission in a foreign country when, getting onto the computer to write the family, you realize that it was thanksgiving on thursday! Well, even if we forgot the holiday, Elder Dye and I are still super happy to be out here and serving the Lord in this white field of his! Weather update: this week was quite hot, and humid. Summer has arrived and it`s beginning to look a lot like christmas and women that need a lesson on the law of Chastity!

Speaking of chastity. L, whom I mentioned last week, is quickly on his way to baptism! He has 15 years, and is super excited to be baptized. He has really been reading the book of mormon like crazy. He is quite a shy kid, and loves to draw. We taught him the law of chasity last week and as he learned it all, he asked a question. Some of his drawings were of characters from Guitar Hero. Not awful, but somewhat questionable. We said that, and so to be obedient he tore up his artwork right there in front of us. What a capo. He came to church and is doing awesome. 

I`m sure that everyone already knows about the thing the church is doing for christmas. Light the World, keep going and love the work! Participate in the activities every day! It will be awesome. #iluminaelmundo

Speaking of women. This email carries the name ¨snakes¨ with it. I shall tell a tale of awkward proportions. While reading this tale, remember not to try this at home, and that I am a good concentrated missionary. In the mission here, the Elders have a term ¨snakes¨, which are creepy girls who prey on the missionaries, if you know what I mean. They are flirt monsters, but if you know what you`re doing, you´ll be okay. Well, our progressing investigator Gisela turned out to be one of those. She is STILL PROGRESSING. So don´t worry about that. She is so completely converted to the restored Gospel. But that`s just it. Sorry I´ll go back to the beginning, a very good place to start.....
.....G is 27 and has boyfriend and two daughters. Her time as an investigator has been awesome. Her life has changed, and she is more happy. My comp was on the phone the other night with her (on speaker) and all of a sudden she asked about me. (translated) ¨Can I tell you something?¨ ¨Sure.¨ ¨When does your companion go back to the states?¨ ¨In about eight months...why?¨ ¨I am in love with him.¨ I was calmly writing plans for the next day, when I heard that and I got wiiiiiiiiide eyes and looked fearfully at my comp. He just swallowed and chuckled and confirmed the appointment in a few days. He hung up and we were like WHAAAAAA?? What are we gonna do? This the type of thing that gets you out of an area quicker than lightning. So instead of going to the appointment the next day, we didn´t go just passed by and asked if we could come another day. She was giving me creepy snake eyes the whole time. We walked away and were like yep I am going to have to be transfered.

Well we went back and taught her, and she told us a very humbling story for her and for us. Before we met her, she was in the hardest thing of her life. She wanted to die, she didn`t want to live anymore. She was thinking suicide thoughts. She said the first prayer in years, then we came and met her and gave her the Book of Mormon. Then she had her conversion story and stuff, and her life is so much happier because of that. She was so much happier when we came to teach her about the commandments that make her life better. She already has friends at church, and the ward is a good family for her. So long story short, she´s not in love with ME, she is increasing in her love for GOD. She is just misinterpreting it. We need to have a frank talk with her though if it gets any worse, and tell her NOOOOO, you are not in love with me, or my comp, or any other missionary. Just God. Love the musician, not the instrument. 

So haha, there is your funny story for the week. I know this Gospel is true and I love the changes God is making in my heart and in my life! Trust in the promise of Ammon made in Alma 26:22.

I gotta go, we have a meeting with President Robertson and our stake president tonight!

Love Elder Wilcox

this is us and G the would-be snake
empanadas this week! ha thanksgiving??

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